If I were to search my memory about my passion for drawing, I would always remember, how I use to draw on the sand in front of our house, as soon as I got in from the school. As dusk is settling, when my mother would be shouting for to me to get inside the house and I would do so with such a grudge. It was surreal. It was my dream world. In my mind, I would create these Super Heroes who would fight against the unjust in the world. Who would fight for the rights of the people. Amongst those characters, I clearly remember Police Inspectors who would full fill their duty truthfully and honestly fighting danger and making things right! They may have been  cartoon characters that I drew on the sand, but to me it was the dream that I dreamt about becoming one day. I was only about 10 years young then!

My passion for drawing hasn't’t left me altogether even when I joined the police Department. I remember in some occasions, during criminal investigation, I would draw a scene of a crime so perfectly, and the Department was able to use them.

After the accident whilst I was receiving my treatments in the Police hospital , it was Mrs, Dr Manjula Rathnaweera  who encourage me to continue with my hidden talent of ability to paint once again. She was the specialist Physician there at that time.  When I look back, I am for ever thankful to Dr Manjula for the encouragement she has given me.

My biggest challenge was to find 2.7 million Rupees within a year for the surgery that i planned to have in Singapore. At the end it was my ability to paint came to my rescue once again. painting was like

meditating to me, soothing my mind, giving me a calm and somewhat of an inner strength that i never knew i have had. So thankfully, this wonderful god given talent i had from birth, not only secured my financial difficulties but also game me the strength to carry on.  

In 2002, I used a very special greeting card from one of my very special creation. This painting showed a herd of elephants searching for water thus giving it a name of  “in search of water”. A large part of the money needed for my surgery collected from this greeting card. Needless to say that very painting was also was sold to a substantial amount later giving me much encouragement and cash that I desperately needed for my surgery in Singapore.

I must mention Venn Weragoda Saarada Thero of the Buddhist Meditation Center in Singapore when I speak about my surgery.  Large amount of money was colleted by him for my much needed surgery. He made a visit to see me from Singapore with a team of people and I will never forget  how one member of this Singaporean team bought a painting of mine for a price of 140,000 Rupees. It was a painting of a waterfall and I felt so blessed to have sold one of my very first paintings to this much money.

“Images of Solitude “ was my very first exhibition with 35 of my paintings which I had only 4 days to complete. Today I think this limited time period and my physical condition did not allow me to show my true talent or to do my best on that day, it was nevertheless the most memorable & remarkable day of my life. The Exhibition was held at the Art Gallery of Colombo on the 4th of May 2002 with Sir Arthur C Clarke, the greatest scientist as the chief guest. After seen my work, I will never forget how he commented that regardless of my ability to ever walk again or not, never to stop painting under any circumstances.

At this moment in time, I continue to paint. It is my wish to have a second exhibition to held within this year of 2009.

It is true that I only have a limited time in the day to set aside for my paintings. In future, I will however spend more and more time with a paint brush in my hand. It takes me away from my lows to the highest and to a most wonderful beautiful world. That’s where I would want to remain…..

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