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As I live thru’ all these difficulties, due to some “inner strength” within me and for believing in myself, I managed to stay positive. I did not want to dwell on the past, thinking of what could have been or should have been. I wanted to stay positive and live the life to its fullest potentials, based on my current status. Being on the wheel chair gave me an ample opportunity, to re-examine my life in order to re-valuate it. I needed to re-arrange my life, re-focus on what I can do with my limitations, to live the life without being a burden to anyone.

This is when I started to wonder in to the world of computers and look into it further, in order to improve my computer skills.

I was very keen about Multimedia studies and I felt it was something that I could join with my artistic talents. However, being unable to attend a college for the studies in my condition, I had to re think of an alternative way to further my interest. I started to read up and study as many books, magazines, papers that I could lay my hands on, in order to reach my goal.  My English knowledge was very limited at that time so with great difficulty and perseverance, I continue to do my own research and my studies gradually. Being an inquisitive mind, (this helped me a lot as a police officer!) I began my work and studied with a great enthusiasm, using all my energy, giving it to 100%. After all, I had nothing but time on my hands….

My positive attitude towards life was beginning to pay off finally!


In multimedia, I studied Photoshop, CorelDraw & Illustrator that uses for Graphic Designing; 3D Max, Poser, Moho that uses for 3D Animation; Adobe Premier, After Effect & Sony Vega which uses for video editing; Flash, Dream viewer which uses for Web Designing. Needless to say, I have finally mastered in the multimedia package, just as I always dreamed about and planned ahead for.     

Armed with my newly acquired knowledge, I then managed to create my own Web Site, .

 In 2007, it was launched with none other than the world famous (late) Sir Arthur C Clarke as my chief guest.  

 The greatest pleasure of my life has been so far, is to pass this knowledge on,  as I continue to teach these above mentioned subjects to various individuals. My students vary from Engineers to Architects; Professionals to Students. Although I earn a living from these classes, my sincere wish is to educate our next generation on to these skills, as I truly believe, that is where the future is.

One of my first photoshop creations of Sir Clarke..

I’m flexible for my students to choose their days/times to fit their own schedules. I take up classes from 8.00am to 8.00pm daily so the students can pick the hours to suit their needs. All practical work based on one to one training and I let the students to mix & match any programme as they so wish. Charging an exuberant amount of monies or wasting an eternity to teach people is never on my agenda. My students can pay only for the hours that they choose to study. They spend just the right amount of time with me and in return, I pass 100% of my knowledge to them; nothing withheld

I am sending out a special message to all Architects, Engineers and Draftsmen to enhance their knowledge. They can learn how to convert an Auto Cad Plan to a realistic 3D Animation model. In the architectural world, 3D image plays an important role. If you can show your client a walk thru’ their “dream home” before even project gets off the ground, it certainly would be an advantage to any architect. Clients can do any changes that they wish to do; any mistakes/dislikes/unsure situations can be promptly dealt with and rectified immediately with the 3d image. Needles expenses, unnecessary time wastage will not happen if you can apply the 3D image to a newly proposed plan. You can work with your client, sat beside you, correcting any errors and feeding-off each other’s ideas.

With my teaching, anyone can become self sufficient to do a professional job, at a work place or in your own home and be your own boss; whatever they choose to do!

I receive such positive feed-backs from my students and feel so proud having played this important role in their lives…...

To those People who keep telling me how difficult and how harsh the life is….

This is my message to you…

“..More than anyone, I’m aware that life is not a bed of roses…

I want you to know that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Please believe in yourself, then anything is possible…..

We can truly find the beauty thru’ the difficulties….”


I studied at Mr.Pradeep's multimedia classes. If I were to say that I wish all my teachers were like Mr.Pradeep that should sums it up.

Pradeep sir has the best teaching methods on one to one teaching and the skill of making sure that anyone understands no matter how complicated the subject matter is. Mr.Pradeep's classes helped in my career without any doubt..

I wish Mr Pradeep all the best for his future.

Roshini Perera
News Section,
Derana T. V

I take this opportunity to convey my kind regards to Our teacher 
Mr. Pradeep De Silva.

I learnt 3dmax by joining to his classes. From a long time I had an interest of drafting 3D models, Ultimately I found this class through my client. It is very difficult to find the classes to suite your requirements . (Time , Money and good Teacher). I loved this class and he is always open to share his knowledge about wide range of Multimedia and easiest, time saving methods of creating the models.

Kishan Samaraheawa.
(Quantity Surveyor)
Fernando Rajapakse Associates (pvt)Ltd.
Colombo 3.



I have been working for garment factory as an IT Systems Engineer.  I wanted to learn Multimedia but my busy working environment did not permit for that. Finally I found a person who could adjust to my schedule and guide me to master Multimedia through flexible timing lessons. Pradeep has an expertise knowledge on the subject mastered through on his own.

 I would like to recommend Pradeeps's classes to any person with a busy schedule like me.

Prasad Lokupitiya MBCS, MACS

IT Systems Engineer,

Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd.


Although Mr. Pradeep  has no teacher for him to learn, he became an efficient  and dedicated tutor. Therefore he was a special teacher for me. I pray His Lord to give him all energy to continue his services for the countrymen.

Damayanthi Muthukumarage
NAWF Media Coordinator
Web Designer
Journalist and professional artist on Feminism



Everyone has a life time ambition. 

Mine was to learn about 3D Animation. Finding a teacher wasn’t difficult but finding a teacher who is willing to teach me around my busy schedule was getting to be an impossible task. Just as I was about to give up, along came Mr Pradeep with his excellent teaching methods and the hours to suit my busy schedule. Under his guidance of individual training and excellent Teaching  Methods, I am currently learning 3d Animation as well as the Graphic Designing that I thought I never get the chance to do!

My thanks to my friend who recommend Mr Pradeep’s classes to me,

My thanks to Mr Pradeep for his patience, his encouragement not to give-up on my life time ambition, above all for being the best teacher I’ve ever known.........

Nothing is impossible, if you find the right person to show you the way! 

Raveena Fernando

Executive – Sourcing & Supply

Wavenet International (Pvt)


Pradeep sir is the finest and  humble teacher who always helps students without hesitation. He has the ability to produce clever students within a few days of teaching. I have become a professional multimedia personality because of my teacher’s untiring efforts.  May God Bless Him with Long Life.

Diyodi Davinda Menon
Editor Tusk Team
Tel: 077824814

I was a student of Mr Pradeep De Silva’s academy. Pradeep was a teacher with excellent knowledge in information technology and specialized in Graphic Designing.

Firstly I started to learn Graphics for pleasure but subsequently it helped me a lot in my carrier opportunities as in my personal life, if not I would have paid thousands of money to the outside world.

Even after I completed the course, if I came across any difficulty not only in “Graphics” but on any other Information Technology, he was so kind to solve the problem over the telephone.

He conducts individual and group classes to students of every age.
As one of his oldest student I wish him success.

Ruchira Bandara
Athletics Coach
The British School in Colombo
Te: 0777 445086, 0712 285228

Admiring a great teacher....

I’m an Engineering Assistant and have being studying under Mr.Pradeep’s guidance from sometime. I’m a bit experienced user in handling the ‘AutoCAD’ software, which is mostly famous among the civil engineers and have a minimum knowledge of using it for doing 3D modeling. After attending to Mr.Pradeep’s lectures, I understood that there would be so much advantages in using the ‘3D Max’ software to do 3D modeling, specially for the construction field. He made me realize that ‘3D Max’ is much easy and flexible to use and can make a perfect outcome at the end. As all his lessons are so simple to understand, anyone can learn the subject very clearly and quickly. All his teachings let me go through a variety of practical exercises and it’s so helpful in achieving my goals. Because of all the above mentioned reasons, I’m sure that I would have a great knowledge in 3D modeling and animations in the near future. I believe that one day, Mr.Pradeep would play a huge role in all construction fields, by giving a great contribution of knowledge towards everyone who do 3D modeling in Sri Lanka.

Engineering Assistant,
Mahaveli Authority.

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